Collaborative Solutions


Business Video Communication

Gathering your team for a meeting is time-consuming and not always possible especially when teams are located in distant geographies. Video conferencing solutions are an apt way to promote collaboration between entities and various arms thereof. Our video conferencing solutions allow you to seamlessly interact with teams located in different geographies and across different platforms including on phone, PCs and TV screens.

They also come with multiple features that enhance collaboration:

  • Support for multiple platforms
  • Seminar based on presentations and Q&A features (chat based)
  • Note-making tools and audio-recording

Document Management

Business-critical documents and content are effective best when managed properly. These documents that include contracts, proposals, agreements, technical papers and project documentations are crucial for an effective running of the organization as well as retention and propagation of organizational knowledge. Gemini’s powerful enterprise document management systems are meant to do just that. We ensure complete security, ease of accessibility and offer a number of features that simplify document management for you and make it a crucial productivity factor for your organization.

Information Sharing System

While document management allows you to organize the information within your organization, effective information sharing systems are crucial to ensure that information can be shared between different organizations and individuals in a secure, reliable and easy manner.

These can resemble to solutions provided by the likes of Drop Box and Cloud Drives where documents can be uploaded on these platforms and are open to collaboration between multiple parties, only in a more private and controlled manner.

Knowledge base/Wiki Website

Organizations engage in multiple projects over their lifetime. Each of these projects result in multiple learnings that if not captured well can get very easily lost. We provide comprehensive solutions to capture this knowledge in the most effective and efficient manner. Some of the key functionalities include.

  • Collaboration between various project stakeholders when capturing project information.
  • Automatic classification of information into types.
  • Questionnaire and checklists provided to ensure that information is captured exhaustively.
  • Test modules generated automatically to ensure that learning from projects can be captured by other project managers and analysts.
  • Import features – training modules can be easily imported from other document management systems or documents.