Enterprise Solutions


Enterprise Solutions

Organizations are essentially a combination of people, strategy and processes. A group of individuals when they come together can devise a strategy and visualize certain processes based on the same to start a company. Running the company is where enterprise solutions come in. In today’s digital age, it’s very difficult to visualize a company which doesn’t have an enterprise solution to smoothly manage its operations and company-employee interactions.


Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP solutions have come a long way since they were conceived. They come with a number of employee centric features – attendance, content hosting, performance measurement/appraisal, device management, information management and so on. Our solutions range from comprehensive ones targeted towards bigger companies to simpler ones targeted towards smaller firms.

Enterprise Content Management

We provide private/public cloud options to host all your content in a secure and reliable manner. Additionally, we also provide a testing solution along with it in case you would like your employees to go through the modules followed by tests. The content can be classified in as many ways as required – training content, policy modules, communications etc.



Management Information System

Design is a crucial element of an effective management information system. Our IT consultants with multi-industry and cross-functional backgrounds spend time with the key stakeholders within your organization to understand your processes and key performance metrics. These insights are used to design a high-level view of the various dashboards targeted towards different stakeholders. Once approved we introduce the other design elements and deliver the dashboards/reports. Apart from pure reporting, we also create analytical dashboards based on our predictive analytics based solutions.

Comprehensive Monitoring Solutions

Many organizations have pretty elaborative back-end operations and it is extremely important to ensure that all aspects of the same keep running in a continuous and flawless manner for smooth operation at front-end. We help you do just that. We use proprietary solutions that allow you monitor the entire production environment and infrastructure very closely and generate notifications as soon as issues are identified either with the infrastructure, the models that are running or the data itself. What differentiates us from our competitors is how we make use of machine learning thus being able to predict a failure even before it occurs.

Relevant industries: BFSI esp. Hedge Funds, Banks, Trading Desks



Solutions for Financial Modeling

Financial modeling has become a crucial component of trading desks, banks, risk management and related industries. While models do most of the work, modelers need to over-ride a number of modeling inputs on an ongoing basis as a part of their day-to-day work. To be able to modify the modeling parameters and seeing the potential impact on other parameters as well as on the final outcome is crucial to make the right modifications. Our modeling solutions help you make such manual over-rides with a visibility on how they impact other parameters and the outcome itself.

Business Video Communications

Video conferencing solutions are an apt way to promote collaboration between entities and various arms thereof. Our video conferencing solutions allow you to seamlessly interact with teams located in different geographies and across different platforms including on phone, PCs and TV screens.