Banking and Financial Services

Our IT solutions cover a wide range of services in a fast-paced environment making us a crucial business partner to our clients. With our “Enterprise Agile” work culture and project management methodologies, we help BFSI players put their ideas into reality quickly, allowing them to make several iterations in a very small time to arrive at the right solution from a customer perspective. For the market leaders we also manage and maintain their entire IT needs providing them production and infra support, managing their development operations and supporting their front-ends with 24/7 support.

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Education sector has reached a tipping point wherein it has transcended the limits of both breadth and depth. On the breadth side, education is now available to a much wider audience with the proliferation of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) putting even a university education within the reach of masses. On the depth side, dissemination of information through multiple channels and consequently, increased collaboration between academics, industries, researchers and professionals have enabled cross-pollination of ideas and resulted in greater advances in technology as well as workplace productivity.

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Government Sector

The task of governance has become more complicated with increased digitization. Systems have become more connected, sophisticated and hence vulnerable. But just like any other technological advances, digitization has also put more tools at government’s disposal to combat these challenges and improve governance at large. In order to create maximum impact in this sector we have visualized our solutions around two themes – process and intelligence. On the process side we help move all data and processes online in a secure and efficient manner; on the intelligence side our solutions enable public institutions to digest a deluge of data and generate insights to perform a wide range of high-impact tasks – prevent tax evasion and crimes, identify priority areas for development, foresee natural disasters and so on.

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Health Care Sector

Health care sector, a sector most crucial to our well-being, has evolved differently in different geographies. Developed markets for instance, have a landscape dominated by a multitude of stakeholders – payers, insurers, government, private players, providers and patients. Compared to that, emerging markets have relatively less sophisticated value chains. Nonetheless, in both the markets the major priorities remain the same – minimizing the cost of providing health care and enhancing access to masses.

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Retail Solutions

Organizations are essentially a combination of people, strategy and processes. A group of individuals when they come together can devise a strategy and visualize certain processes based on the same to start a company. Running the company is where enterprise solutions come in. In today’s digital age, it’s very difficult to visualize a company which doesn’t have an enterprise solution to smoothly manage its operations and company-employee interactions.

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